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Patanjali Gold Basmati Rice

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Patanjali gold basmati rice is processed from select premium quality paddy procured from the foothills of himalayas. 100% pure. Rice is good source of energy. It is cholesterol and trans fat free high fiber Rice.

1. Delicious with unique texture and aroma.

2. If soaked properly, On cooking, the Grains double in size, won't break or won't stick together.

3. Low Cost as compared to other Top Brands.

3. Mostly used for biryani and fried rice.

4. High volume expansion during cooking

5. Easy digestibility and longer shelf-life

6. Aromatic fragrance and non-sticky after cooking.

7. Excessive elongation on cooking.

8. Soft and fluffy texture of cooked rice.

Gold Basmati Rice

Put boiling water to an open bowl. Add Rice slowly with gentle stirring. Cook for 7-8 minutes on medium heat. Drain extra boiling water.
Put water and rice in a pan, tighten the lid and simmer for 5-7 minutes. Remove from heat and allow the pan to stand covered for 5 minutes.
Put soaked rice and add measured quantity of water in a bowl & stir. Select cooking option and timings as per the available oven. Remove from the  oven and let it stand covered for 5-10 minutes before serving. 

Best before-24 months from manufacturing date.