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Patanjali Lashkari Kolam Rice

Patanjali Lashkari Kolam Rice 1 kg


Patanjali Lashkari Kolam Rice, is processed from selected “Premium Quality” paddy procured from the rich belt of Maharashtra & Telangana which produces the best quality Lashkari Kolam crop. Patanjali Lashkari Kolam Rice is processed in “State of the Art” plants, to ensure exquisite quality and retention of nutritive values. Every effort is made to ensure that the product reaches you in pristine condition. Patanjali Lashkari Kolam Rice is light weight and aromatic and completes your search for perfect rice, Patanjali Lashkari Kolam Rice is ideal rice to be used for sweet pongal, biryani, idlis and fried rice.

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1. Rich aroma. 
2. Unique texture. 
3. Authentic  Flavor.

Jay Shrirama Rice (Oryza sativa)

Open pan: bring water to rolling boil. Add rice and stir gently. Cook uncovered on medium heat for 7-8 minutes till the rice is done. Drain extra water.
Close pan: bring water to boil, cover pan with the lid and let it simmer for 8-10minutes. Remove from heat and let it stand for 10 minutes before serving. 
Micro wave: put the soaked rice and water in a bowl, stir once and covered with a pierce cling film. Let it stand covered for 15 minutes. Remove from oven & let it stand covered for 10 minutes before serving. For a 650 watt, microwave oven 300 grams of rice at a time.
Electric cooker: put the soaked rice in the cooker. Add measured water. Switch on cooker, the cooker will automatically switch from “cook” to “keep warm” mode. Allow the rice to steam on the keep warm mode before serving.

Best before-24 months from manufacturing date.


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