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Aastha Special Mogra Dhoop-10N

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Aastha Dhoop products are made from best quality ingredients & aimed at creating a divine atmosphere. It is considered the natural mogra fragrance and the ayurvedic herbs has a great significance in controlling diseases and purifies the environment. Hence this dhoop is made with natural herbs. It helps to stablish the connection between Aatma (inner soul) & Parmatma (almighty god) intact. 10N


Lasting aroma.
Makes pleasant environment surrounding. 
Get rid of small insects. 

Mogra Oil Extract,
Ghee Residue
Flowers and leafs.
Hold the stick gently and light the end. Blow up the flame when the stick catches flame. 
Place the lighted stick in a non- inflammable surface in the well-ventilated area.

Best before 2 years from manufacturing date.

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