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Divya Platogrit 3 U X 20 N

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Patanjali divya platogrit tablet is an ayurvedic formulation, useful in balya, rasayan, rakta - shodhak (bimbanu vardhak). Prevents anemia, increases platelet count, prevents fatigue. Free from side effects.
Balya, Rasayan, Rakta - Shodhak (Bimbanu Vardhak).
Each tablet contains :
Powders of : 
Giloy (Tinospora cordifolia) St.,Ext. 62.5 mg,
Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis) Lf. Pp., Ext. 62.5 mg,
Papaya (Carica papaya)  Lf. & Fr. (Unripe), Ext. 250 mg,
Anardana (Punica granatum) Sd.Ext. 62.5 mg,
Palak (Spinacia oleracea) Lf., Ext. 62.5 mg,
MCC (Microcrystalline cellulose) 16 mg,
Talcum  (Hydrated magnesium silicate) 4 mg,
Croscarmellose Sodium (Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose)  8 mg,
Aerosil (Colloidal Silicon Dioxide) 4 mg,
Magnesium Stearate 8 mg
 1-2 tablets twice daily empty stomach with water or as directed by the Physician.
Best before 3 years from the date of manufacturing.