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Divya Jwarnashak Vati

Divya Jwarnashak Vati 20 gm


Jwarnashak Vati cures viral infections and fevers like dengue and chikangunya. It also cure infections in upper respiratory tract caused by seasonal changes or environmental pollution. It is prepared from herbs with anti-viral properties and contains vitamin C which enables you to fight cold infections and boost immunity

No of Tablets- 40 Tab (500mg)

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Useful in curing cough, cold, respiratory tract infections and is most beneficial in dengue, chikungunya- like viral and chronic fevers.

Giloy (tinosporacordifolia) 
Desi tulsi (ocimum sanctum) 
Neem (azadirachtaindica) 
Haldi (curcuma longa) 
Kutki (picrorhizakurroa) 
Chirayata (swertischirata) 
Kalmegh (andographispanniculata) 
Jalneem (bacopa monnieri) 
Ashwagandha (withaniasomnifera) 
Arkmul (calotropisprocera) 
Dronpushpi (leucas cephalotus) 
Lavang (syzygiumaromaticum) 
Dalchini (cinnamomumzeylanicum) 
Kakdashringi (pistaciaintigerrimma) 
Mulethi (glycyrrhiza gglabra) 
Rudanti (cressacrecita) 
Akarkara (anacyclus pyrethrum) 
Amritasat (tinosporacordifolia) 
Sanjeevani vati 
Kapardak bhasma (cypraeamoneta) 
Abhrak bhasma (incinerated mica) 
Trikatu churna 
Tankan bhasma (sodium biborate) 
Muktashukti bhasma

As directed by the physician.

Best before-12 months from manufacturing date.


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