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Ragi Cookies Digestive

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Ragi, also known as finger millet, is a type of cereal grain that possesses a multitude of nutritional benefits. This grain is abundant in protein and various vitamins, making it a valuable ingredient in the creation of a diverse range of culinary delights, including bread, cakes, and cookies. 

Patanjali brings for you high-quality ragi cookies that are characterized by their softness, crispiness, and delectable taste. The consumption of Patanjali Ragi cookies is associated with numerous advantages for one's well-being. Ragi is renowned for its significant fiber content, which aids in the process of digestion and contributes to the maintenance of a healthy gastrointestinal system. Ragi is also rich in essential minerals such as calcium, iron, and magnesium, all of which play a pivotal role in promoting overall physical health. 

Healthy and nutritious snack 
Rich source of calcium, iron, and magnesium
Rich source of fiber
Wheat flour (Atta- 42.8%), 
Edible vegetable oil (Refined Palm oil), 
Ragi flour (15.65%), 
Wheat bran, 
Invert sugar syrup, 
Raising agent (INS 500(i), INS 503(i)), 
lodized salt, 
Malt extract, 
Artificial flavouring substances (vanilla & Mix Fruit), 
Acidity regulator INS 296, INS 334, INS 450(i)), 
Natural colour (INS 150d), 
Flour Treatment agent (INS 223)

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