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Divya Shankh Bhasma

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Shankha Bhasma, which is derived from the ash of the Shankha (Conch shell), a calcium-rich compound obtained from a marine source. Ayurvedic practitioners utilize this medicine to address a wide range of conditions. Patanjali Divya Shankha Bhasma is a trusted remedy for chronic indigestion issues, providing much-needed relief.

The continuous consumption of contaminated food and beverages can have detrimental effects on your digestive system, weakening it over time. However, Divya Shankha Bhasma, a time-honoured medication, has the ability to soothe your stomach, repair damages caused by contaminants, and enhance digestion. Importantly, it has been clinically proven to be free of any adverse effects. By incorporating Shankha Bhasma into your routine, you can experience long-lasting relief from persistent digestive ailments. 

Treats dyspepsia.
Heals digestive impairments. 

Shankh Nabhi 

As directed by the physician.

Best before 10 years from manufacturing date.

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Complete Recovery
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long last relif
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