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Divya Vang Bhasma

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Vang bhasma, an ayurvedic solution derived from Tin metal, is renowned for its effectiveness in treating diabetes, urinary ailments, and impotence. This remedy involves treating the material with herbal fluids and subjecting it to fire, as outlined in ancient Ayurvedic texts while incorporating various other ingredients. Patanjali Ayurveda and Divya pharmacy meticulously prepare this calx using traditional refining techniques. Notably, Divya Vang Bhasma is completely safe and does not cause any adverse effects, making it highly beneficial for treating a wide range of old or complex diseases.

Beneficial in diabetes, urine-related diseases, and 
Vanga suddha, 
Haritala suddha, 
Nimbu (Citrus medica) etc.

The 'bhasmas' are prepared with pure and age-old formulae and hence are very impressive and eradicate the diseases from the root. The 'bhasmas' should be used in proper proportion, considering the age and strength. 
Or As directed by the physician.

Best before 5 years from manufacturing date.

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