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Aastha Bhimseni Kapoor

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Patanjali Aastha Bhimseni Kapoor is renowned for its divine qualities in performing aarti and hawan ceremonies, as well as its ability to enhance the positive energy in the surroundings. This pure camphor is derived through an age-old tradition, ensuring that it is free from harmful chemicals and toxins.

In the realm of Ayurveda, camphor is known to promote deep breathing (prana) and bring clarity to the mind and inner soul. When burned, it leaves no residue or sparks behind. By incorporating Patanjali Aastha Bhimseni Kapoor into your home, you can harness its secret power to cultivate good energy, vitality, and purification.

Burning of Aastha Premium camphor purifies the environment.
Provides a long-lasting flame.
Camphore (100% pure)
Diffuse bhimseni camphor on a aroma diffuser/ aroma burner/ kapoor dani/ puja thali/ hawan kund for a swwet fragrance that will change energy levels and create a positive aura around you during prayer. It also helps to repels insects and provides a refreshing fragrance.
Best before 24 months from the date of manufacturing.

Product Details

Technical Information

Manufacturer Patanjali Ayurved Ltd.
Country of Origin India
Item Weight 25 Gram

Additional Information

Manufacturer PATANJALI AYURVED LTD. Unit-III, Vill.-Padartha, Laksar Road, Haridwar-249404, (Uttarakhand)

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