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Patanjali Jamun Vinegar

Patanjali Jamun Vinegar 500 ml


Patanjali Jamun Vinegar is an ayurvedic proprietary medicine made with finest quality of Jamun fruit pulp (jamun guda) which is very effective in hyperglycemia, diarrhea, weakness of digestive system and urine problems.The Jamun fruit pulp or juice is used to prepare Jamun Vinegar (also called Jamun Sirka).  Jamun Vinegar can be used as other vinegar in cooking, but it actually has a great medicinal importance. It is used as a home remedy in many disorders. It is also recommended for diabetic patients to manage the hyperglycemia. 

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According to ayurveda, jamun vinegar primarily acts on kapha dosha and reduces it. It can increase pitta dosha, so it should be best to avoid it in excess amount if you have any increased pitta symptoms.
Patanjali jamun sirka is a good source of iron, used as a real medicine for diabetes, liver trouble, and heart problems. It enhances the immune system.
Patanjali jamun vinegar is a rich source of vitamin a and vitamin c. Its polyphenolic compounds are effective against cancer, heart diseases, asthma, dysuria, and arthritis. 
Patanjali jamun vinegar is a wonderful medicine for digestive system related problems like flatulence, abdominal pain,  gastric problems, abdominal distension, bloating, diarrhea, and dysentery.

Jamun Pulp (Syzygium cumini L. Skeels) 9.89 ml

Excipients: (As per P.F.A) Caramel colour 0.01 ml

Mix 10 to 20ml of vinegar with water and consume after meals or as directed by the physician.

Best Before-12 Months from Manufacturing Date.


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gajendra  Soni
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gajendra  Soni
09-02-2018 09:56 AM

Very good riselt

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