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Laxmivilas Ras

Laxmivilas Ras 20 g


Laxmivilas Ras is a traditional Ayurvedic formulation that cures a cough, cold and rhinitis. It soothes the throat and sinuses. It loosens the mucus accumulated in the chest thus making it easy to cough it up. It also cures body aches and temperature. It boosts your immune system and prevents further infections.

No of Tablets- 80 Tab (250mg)

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Cures cough, cold.
Helps in asthma attack .
Cures rhinitis.

 Sudha Murcury 
 Sudha Gandhak 
 Abhrak Bhasma 
 Vidhara Seed 
 Samundra Shosh 
 Pan Patta Juice

As directed by the physician.

Best before 5 years from manufacturing date.


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