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Patanjali Pachak Hing Peda

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Patanjali Pachak Hing Peda is made out of rich quality hing and other important herbs and spices. Improves Your digestion system. Cure the problems like gas, acidity, etc.

Pachak Hing Peda is a stimulant for the digestive system that activates the enzymes and acts as an appetizer. 
This is useful for gas, flatulence, nausea, and other gastric distresses.
Each 100g contains:
Powder of 
Chini (saccharum officinarum , st.) 54.5 g
Anardana (punica grantum, sd.) 2.2 g,
Amchur (mangifera indica, dr.Fr.) 5.7 g,
Jeera (cuminum cyminum, sd.) 2.2 g,
Samudra lavan 2.2 g,
Dhaniya (coriandrum sativum, sd.) 1.8 g,
Kala lavan 1.3 g,
Kali mirch (piper nigrum, fr.) 1.5 g,
Dalchini (cinnamomum zeylanicum, bk.) 0.2 g,
Badi elaichi (amomum subulatum, fr.) 0.2 g,
Sendha lavan 1.8 g,
Chhoti pipal (piper longum, rt.) 0.8g,
Hing (Ferula foetida, exudate) 0.3 g,
Saunf (foeniculum vulgare, sd.) 0.5g
Gulkand 24.2g,
Extract of : 
Neembu (citrus medica, fr.) 1.1 g

2-3 g twice in a day or as directed by the physician.

Best before-12 months from manufacturing date.