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Patanjali Kali Mirch Papad

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Patanjali Kali Mirch Papad is a traditional Indian thin, crisp, disc-shaped spicy treat made from flours and black pepper. It can be served as an accompaniment to a meal.

Papad is a good appetizer, Improves digestion.
Tasty, Spicy and Crunchy.
Roasted or grilled papad helps to absorb the fatty material from the mouth and throat.
Papads are made of lentils, hence are free from gluten, rich in protein and dietary fiber.
Black gram pulse flour, 
Green gram pulse flour,
Black pepper (2.6%),
Iodized salt,
Sajhi khar (alkaline salt),
Cotton seeds oil, and

Can be roasted or fried

Best before-6 months from manufacturing date.