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Patanjali Bel Murabba

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Bel fruit is a summer fruit that thrives on the Bel plant, scientifically known as Aegle Marmelos. Known for its cooling effects, bel is commonly used in making murabba (jam). Patanjali Bel Murabba is a premium-quality murabba made from high-quality fresh bel fruit. 

Patanjali bel murabba has great medicinal values. Bel has digestive and carminative properties, which help to strengthen the digestive system and regulate bowel movement. It consists of carbohydrates, fats, protein, vitamin C, and minerals like iron, phosphorus, carotene, and thiamine. Bel cleanses the liver and strengthens liver functions.


1. Strengthens digestive system.

2.Helps to improve liver function.

3.Helpful in jaundice.

4.Provide relief from diarrhoea and dysentery.

5. Helps to prevent scurvy.

6.Helps to improve Immunity

Bel (Aegle Marmelos) 5.5 ml,
Sugar (Saccharum Officinarum) 4.5 ml,
Preservative :
Sodium Benzoate 0.01% &
Citric Acid 0.025%

5-10g twice daily or as required.

Best before 12 months from manufacturing date.