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Patanjali Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil refers to cold press extraction process for taking out oil from seeds. Oil from seeds were extracted in kohlus. In this process, seeds are crushed at low temperature so natural properties , antioxidants and essential oils are retained in the oil.

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* Mustard oil is highly recommended for the reason that it is full of monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA).
* According to a study done by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, including mustard oil in your regular diet could prove to be beneficial to your heart health.
* Mustard oil has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. Its external as well as internal usage is said to help in multiple ways to fight against infections, including digestive tract infections.
* Mustard oil, because of its anti-microbial properties, it is used as a preservative for pickles.
*Mustard oil has oleic acid and linoleic acid which are essential fatty acids that make it a good hair tonic. Hair massage with this oil is said to increase blood circulation and promote hair growth.
Mustard oil

Best Before-12 Months from Manufacturing Date

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Recent reviews

pramod kumar badatya
24-08-2018 08:09 PM

It is a Best Quality product

Nikhil Prajapati
04-08-2018 04:07 PM

सबसे बढ़िया उत्पाद पतंजलि ही बनता है

Ajay Tripathi
20-07-2018 09:07 PM

patanjali means guarantee of purity

debajit tahbilder
13-06-2018 12:50 AM


Balasubramanian balan
05-06-2018 10:28 PM

Health and good

Rajeshkumar Sharma
31-05-2018 11:54 PM

100% Natural

Khushboo Agarwal
12-05-2018 11:32 AM

The aroma is soo good and good for health. Love indian products

Anupam Barman
30-04-2018 08:59 AM

nice product

Debashis  Barman
28-04-2018 04:09 AM

Very Good

Bimal Mukhopadhyay
25-04-2018 07:19 AM

All products are good, value for money

Prasad Rao
20-04-2018 04:49 PM

we love patanjali quality

Akshay Kumar
19-04-2018 11:04 PM


dheeraj chaudhary
14-12-2017 08:00 PM

1000 % PURE

Suryanarayan  Mehta
19-11-2017 09:39 PM

Good quality

Pradeep  Singh
03-11-2017 11:37 AM

it is very nice

Subham Debroy
11-09-2017 09:22 PM

now me and my mother is fully fan of Patanjali products because of its honesty and purity..really every products of Patanjali is brlnt ...chalo achha hein. kuch toh apna Desh ki logo ke hatho ke Bana hua kuch kaha pa Raha hu .. Khushi hein mujhe jai hind

Megraj Chhetri
21-05-2017 07:06 AM

kindly avail this product in a 5lt jar.

14-05-2017 03:53 PM

Kindly avail this product in 5 ltr jar...

ramesh patra
09-05-2017 11:15 AM


Megraj Chhetri
07-05-2017 02:39 AM

kindly avail it in 5 lt jar.

rakesh saini 
14-04-2017 06:46 PM

awesome quality

Ravindra Kumar Singh
12-04-2017 04:01 PM


Khushboo Agarwal
13-02-2017 07:57 PM

Smells too good and the quality looks nice.

Top Reviews
pramod kumar badatya
24-08-2018 08:09 PM

It is a Best Quality product

Nikhil Prajapati
04-08-2018 04:07 PM

सबसे बढ़िया उत्पाद पतंजलि ही बनता है

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