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Patanjali Barley Dalia

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 Dalia is a simple porridge made out of cracked grain. It is a common breakfast in the northern Indian subcontinent. It is cooked in milk or water and eaten with salt or sugar added. Patanjali Barley Dalia is a highly nutritious breakfast cereal made from barley. 

 Patanjali Barley Dalia possesses a remarkable flavor profile. This product by Patanjali is highly nutritious, boasting a substantial fiber content. Barley Dalia is an astonishing breakfast meal and is packed with proteins, minerals, and vitamins for an energetic and healthy metabolism.


  1. Keeps blood sugar 20–30% lower than normal grains. 

  2. It helps in maintaining cholesterol levels.

  3. It helps with weight loss.

  4. Dalia is a good source of the daily requirements of fiber and manganese.

  5. Barley dalia is extremely low in fat content.

  6. Good source of energy, aids in weight loss, and increases metabolism.


Boil 50 gm Barley Dalia in 400 ml water.
Add cut seasonal vegetables to get wholesome nutrition and add salt to taste.
Sweet recipe can also be prepared.

Best before-3 months from manufacturing date.