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Patanjali badam pak is a rich source of vitamin E and other nutrients. It helps in maintaining health skin and provides good proteins to the body cells. This herb tonic helps in lowering cholesterol level and thus helping in reducing the blood pressure and prevents from heart diseases. Patanjali badam pak is a general tonic for body as it helps to build up over all immunity of the body and protects against many harmful diseases. Patanjali badam pak provides strength and increases power. Patanjali badam pak is very much beneficial for the patients suffering with impotency and nervous weakness. This drink is extremely beneficial for the nourishment of the body and mind of a child. Persons with lot of mental activity should take one teaspoonful Badam Pak every morning and evening for keeping up day long energy in performing their duty at office.

Useful in loss of energy, memory weakness, anorexia, physical, debility

Sugar(saccharum officinarum), Almond(prunus amygdalus), Clarified butter, indian kudzu(pueraria tuberosa), clove(syzigium aromaticus), mace(myristica fragrance), nutmeg(myristica fragrance), bamboo internal secretion(bambusa arundiacia), lotus seed(nelumbium speciosum), cinnamon(cinnamomum zeylanicum), green cardamom(elettaria cardamomum), dry ginger(zingiber officinale), black pepper(piper nigrum), long pepper(piper longum), cow itch plant(mucuna pruriens), asparagus(asparagus adscendense), cane sugar(saccharum officinarum), pearl oyster(mytilus margretiferus), saffron(crocus sativus)

10-20g twice daily preferably with a glass of milk or to be taken under medical supervision.


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