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Patanjali Soan Papdi (Elaichi)

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Soan Papdi is a traditional Indian sweet that is made from gram flour, sugar, and ghee. It has a flaky and crispy texture with a sweet and nutty flavor. Soan Papdi is a popular dessert during festivals and special occasions in India. This sweet delicacy comes in various flavours such as plain, saffron, and cardamom. 

Patanjali Elaichi Soan Papdi is a premium-quality soan papdi made with multi-grains. A packet of Patanjali Elaichi Soan Papdi contains gram flour, whole wheat flour, barley flour, amaranth flour, corn flour, sorghum flour, water caltrop flour, soybean flour, pearl millet flour, cardamom, almond, and pistachio. 

Patanjali Soan Papdi (Elaichi) is a must-try for anyone who loves sweets and wants to experience the authentic taste of India.

  1. Made without using maida 

  2. Healthy and tasty

  3. Made with multiple nutritious grains 

  4. Elaichi flavour makes it extra delicious

Refined Palmolien Oil, 
Gram flour, 
Whole wheat flour, 
Barley flour, 
Amaranth flour, 
Corn flour, 
Sorghum flour, 
Water Caltrop flour, 
Soybean flour, 
Pearl millet flour, 
Cardamom (0.15%), 
Almond (0.15%), 
Pistachio (0.15%)
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Best before-6 months from manufacturing date.