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Divya Gokshuradi Guggul

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Gokshuradi Guggul cures kidney and urinary tract infections (UTI) and other urinary problems like reduced urine formation or burning sensation or discomfort while urinating. It is made from a combination of herbs with a diuretic and antibacterial properties. It flushes out the bacteria thus curing the problem at its root and provides soothing relief from discomfort. It stimulates the uterus, reduces menstrual problems, removes worms, etc.

Number of Tablets- 80 (500mg)


 Useful in renal calculi and urinary tract infection.

Nagarmotha (Root) 
Sounth (Rhizome) 
Kali Marich (Seed) 
Pippali (Fruit) 
Harad (Fruit) 
Baheda (Fruit) 
Amla (Fruit) 
Shudh Guggul 
Gokhru (Panchang) 

As directed by the physician.

Best before 5 years from manufacturing date.