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May 09,2018


All you need to do before going to the office at 9AM :-

  1. Early to bed and early to rise is an age-old mantra to stay fit.
  2. Rise 90 minutes before sunrise every day. Rub your hands against each other and then rub it over the eyes and other body parts to feel energized and for the massage fluid to get back in position.
  3. Never take coffee or tea on an empty stomach (which we often do!!), rather have 2- 3 glass of lukewarm water (preferably with lemon or honey or both) before gargling or rinsing your mouth first in the morning.
  4. At the time of urinating and excrement, tighten the teeth. This simple act will make your teeth stronger.
  5. To avoid all ENT related problems, fill up your mouth with water and splash cold water over the eyes and clean the upper portion of your mouth with the thumb.
  6. Before taking bath, massage your complete body and especially the thumb of your toes with mustard oil.
  7.  Use good ayurvedic toothpaste, like Patanjali Dant Kanti or neem, babul (if you can avail them easily!!) to brush your teeth.
  8. Practice Yoga, Jogging, Pranayam etc. regularly to keep away the toxins.
  9. Eat Fibrous juices or fruits, sprouts, Patanjali oats, Masala oats, Patanjali Muesli
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