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Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Improve Eye Vision

February 04,2020

Ayurvedic medicine is derived from herbals means a natural by-product. Here are the best ayurvedic medicines for improvement of eye vision available in the market are Saumya Eye Drops and Drishti Eye Drops.

Firstly we will discuss the Saumya Eye Drops. These are produced by Patanjali Ayurved, which is very well known because of its way of manufacturing and its brand ambassador Baba Ramdev. And coming into the eye drops, these are made of natural herbs and pure ayurvedic medicine and helps a lot to improve your eye vision. In this era most people opt ayurvedic medicine over other medicine because they are a purified extract from natural herbs and the results of the ayurvedic medicine was also bit effective than that and the most essential point preferring ayurvedic over others is that they don’t have any side effects whereas homeopathy and homeopathy have so many side effects. And Patanjali is the master of those in the market. Saumya eye drops are a pack of 10ml, the ingredients of this eye drops are

Each 5 ml contains:-

Aprajita, Nirgundi, Tulsi leaves, Haritaki, Nimba, Mamira, Bahera, Bhringraj which is widely used, Rakt Chandan, Nirmali, Lodhra, Mulethi, Amla, Sahijana, Haridra, Durba, Palash, Punarnava, aloe vera (mostly used in all herbal products), Rasaut, Coriander, Ajmoda, Manjishtha, Gulab Camphor, Sandhav Lavan, Yashad Bhasm, Shudh Suhaga, Sphatic Bhasm, glycerine.

By seeing glycerine, coriander aloe vera, you will think they can harm your eye, but not they are well derived and used. It will use for the refreshment of your eyes and improves eye vision far better; we can take 2-3 drops per day or by any physician direction. Finally, Saumya Eye Drops are priced at 35 rupees per 10ml. As we can see, other types of eye drops are more than 100 rupees consists of ofloxacin and more. Here the Patanjali makes a valuable move by putting 35 rupees as its price, another important reason for preferring ayurvedic medicine.

And now another product from same company Patanjali was Drishti Eye drops these have more benefits because by using these eye drops for a long time daily we can increase your eyesight and day by day we could get a chance to remove our spectacles if we used them as early as our sight was decreasing and as I told more benefits these eye drops are useful in double vision, Glaucoma, double vision, color vision, retinitis pigmentosa and night blindness. In these eye drops the used ingredients are ginger, honey, honey and king of c vitamin source Lime. These are useful to cases, as mentioned earlier, so efficiently. Put 1-2 drops of Drishti for adults at any time, but for children, we should put these drops with Gulab Jal. Drishti Eye drops are priced 20 Rupees in the market. Only less in price and more in benefits. I think these are the best products for improving the vision of the eye.

These two Eye drops are available offline and online through the Patanjali website, netmeds amazon, and so many like these.

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