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Ayurvedic Herbs for a Happy Winter

January 13,2020

Winter is a season which people like a lot. With new festivities around the corner, you are always up for celebrations. The toughest part is the lack of immunity, which some of us have and that makes us ill irrespective of how strong we are. As per Ayurveda, it is best to switch to some of the herbs which will turn the winters into a blissful season as you enjoy the festivities without having a runny nose or a hoarse throat.

Describing some Doshas along with their treatment with the herb;

To avert the danger of life, Patanjali Ayurved encourages people to keep a check on their diet and correct their eating habits as per the season. Doing this as per the schedule lets you enjoy the season at the fullest;

Suffering from Vata dosh;

You can opt to take a combination of turmeric and honey in the form of a paste. Eat a teaspoon everyday and you are all set to burst the congestion of bowel. Ayurvedic Tea from patanjali such as “Divya herbal Paey”, consists of ingredients which are natural and help you get rid of this dosh naturally.

In order to cope up with vata dosh, you should always take food which is neither too hot or too cold. Eating any of the either disturb your vata. People with Vata dosh, should make sure to consume light food during the night which completes your main meal. Fruits with cooling component or citrus such as orange, watermelon can make you feel sick of congestion.

Some healing herbs which does wonder about people with vata;

It is really hard to find the original natural spices, however, at Ayurvedic retail store, most of them are found. If you are apprehensive about the originality of the same, then shop from which is the most reliable store for original herbs and spices. The spices which work wonder for people with vata dosh includes Ajwain, Cloves, Fenugreek, Ginger, Horseradish, Mace, Sage, Thyme and saffron.

How to take them;

The ideal method to include these herbs into your daily diet is to cook them in a bit of ghee and consume at night with hot milk. Doing this relaxes our stomach cavity, and makes you stay at ease even when the nature call arises.

When you are suffering from Kapha dosh;

People with this Dosh also can take turmeric along with honey to relieve congestion, but on alternate occasions. You may opt to take less portion of food, during night time. People with this dosha should add sunflower oil in their daily diet rather than sesame oil as sunflower oil is considered lighter than sesame.

Other than the above mentioned dosha, there is one tridosha too, these people’s sensitivity to product is quite higher than that of the other two counterparts. As per Ayurveda, it is very important to take a hold of our body through various practices which includes keeping a check on your diet, dainik kriya and Yogasana too. Without exercise it is not going to work out for anyone who is looking forward to get rid of the same. The products showcased at Patanjali Ayurved are amongst the most satvik products which leads to a good health and happy living.

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