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Daily Routine According to Ayurveda

January 09,2020


Ayurveda has been known to heal the people by correcting their doshas and it work firmly on the basis of two structures, one is a  daily routine and second is daily diet. Talking about Daily routine or Dinacharya according to Ayurved, is all about bringing balance in life by diversifying the routine of our life in such a manner wherein we can give in space to everything. The flow of energy gets balanced along with reduction of doshas vata, pitta and kapha since Ayurved works on the body rhythmic system  and focuses on internal healing. At Patanjali yogpeeth, we train and educate people on having faith on being well by correcting their daily routine or Dainik karmas. Lets have a preview of an ideal dinacharya according to the ancient science of healing “Ayurved”;


Getting up early;

This is really of utmost importance. According to Ayurved the time between 4-6 am is the most karmic time when positive energy flows in and Satvikta helps us gain positivity and strength. The focus is towards welcoming a new day with deep breaths, so that the freshness flows in and give us a new start to our old problems.


Start day with warm water;

As per Ayurveda, you have to start your day with a glass or two of lukewarm water, so that it may help you to empty the bladder. Doing this, helps in rehydrating the tissues and relaxing the Agni(acid) accumulated overnight.


Say yes to herbs;

Right from rosemary to Aloe Vera, herbs are always meant to give benefit, and, if taken on empty stomach, it works in the most potent way. So if you focus on weight loss, then try taking a quarter spoon of fenugreek seeds with lukewarm water and see wonders.


Cleanse your senses;

Your 5 sense organs are important, and when you take a bath you only work on one of them that is skin. Ayurveda always encourages you to take a close check on cleansing all 5 senses, starting from eyes exfoliating them with two pieces of cucumber, and cleaning your ears with almond oil. It also encourages to scrap your tongue with a tongue cleaner. Nasik Kriya is one of the yoga exercises which helps you to clean your nasal cavity thoroughly. When all senses are taken care of, then the chances of diseases reduce margins. 


Inclusion of exercise;


Exercise is one of the most important aspect of daily routine in Ayurveda. Exercising on a daily basis increases circulation and pass on oxygen to our vital cell tissues and organs. Find out the best time of exercise which suits your schedule, let It be in the morning or in the evening. Things work out real well, when considered at the right time. You can do Exercise, Yoga, Power Yoga, or Tai chi, whatever may be the form of exercises, things will definitely work in favor of you and you gonna lead a healthy live.


Other factors which makes into an ideal Ayurvedic Daily routine;


Other than the above mentioned kriyas, the daily Ayurvedic routine includes meditation, relaxation during afternoon and taking a deep sleep at night with low soothing music which calms your mind and sets you in for a healthy and soulful sleep. We are sure if you include this routine in your life along with important herbal products such as chyawanprash in daily regime then it will definitely work towards your health and leads to growth of body and soul.

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