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World of Baby Care Products Needs

July 18,2019


To quote Taylor Hanson “Having a baby is a life-changer. It gives you a whole other perspective on why you wake up every day”. As parents or would be parents we get very protective of our children and it’s absolutely fine! But often we are ignorant towards the bodily needs of our children in the form of baby care products. This post is to show the various Baby Care Products and their key feature.


# Baby Lotion

Baby lotion or a baby care cream is a must for your baby as their skin is way too tender and sensitive as compared to adult skin. The pores of your baby’s skin are not fully open. The baby body lotion is safe and healthy for your baby. A word of caution: Do not apply your lotion to your baby as the chemicals used may be too strong for your baby’s skin.


# Diaper Rash Cream

If you are a new Mom and your baby is obviously on diapers then a diaper rash cream is a must. Due to frequent moisture caused especially by losing motion, sweat and urination the area around the private part of your baby are irritated causing redness and pain. Diaper rash creams act as the best rescue you can ever look for as it soothes the affected area and speeds up the healing.


#Baby Diapers

All we Moms of today’s generation are Blessed to have baby diaper which is available in all sizes and shapes. Baby diapers are hygienic, safe and specially designed keeping your baby’s skin in mind and you can even buy baby diaper online.


 # Baby Shampoo

Baby Shampoos do not have any harmful chemicals, in fact, they are so mild that it doesn’t even irritate your baby’s eye. Baby shampoos also help in opening head pores which are considered extremely healthy for hair.


#  Baby Massage Oil

Baby massage oil is a must for your baby. It is clinically proven that baby massage oil helps in muscular development and strengthens the bone. It helps in the motor vascular development of your child which is a must. A body massage followed by a bath tends to put babies to sleep for longer hours too.


# Baby Hair Oil

Now it isn’t rocket science that baby hair oil is different and baby massage oil is different. Baby hair oil ensures better, thicker and stronger hair whereas baby massage oil makes stronger bones and accelerates motor muscular development.


# Baby Talc

Baby talc helps in eliminating excessive sweat and moisture. Although baby talc can be used throughout the year, it is even more helpful during summers as it helps combat the sweat and humidity and even reduces prickly heat.


# Baby Soap

The market is fullofa wide range of baby soaps of different brands so that you can choose the best for your baby. Baby soaps are specially made from natural ingredients and herbs keeping your baby’s skin on the mind. So it is safe to use.


Some Useful Information

·         All baby care products are now available online. There are even more baby care products such as baby cereals, baby sippers, baby spoon feeder bottles, baby wipes, baby toothbrush, and toothpaste, etc.

·     Although all the baby products are clinically tested if your baby shows discomfort or develops and rash, stop using the product and consult your doctor.

 Those tiny fingers reaching out to you shows their trust and dependency on you so make sure your hands make the right choice for your babies too! Pamper them with baby products from Patanjali, the only swadesi brand to take care of your kids just like you.

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