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Patanjali Creamfeast Orange Biscuit

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Patanjali Creamfeast Orange Biscuit is a cream-filled sandwich cookies which has zero percent maida, cholesterol, and trans fat. it has an amazing taste and provides more fiber and nutrition.
Made with 0% maida, cholesterol & artificial colors.
More fiber.
Easy to digest.
Wheat flour (Atta 50.2%),
Edible vegetable oil (Palm oil),
Invert syrup,
Raising agents [INS 503 (ii), INS 500 (ii), INS 450 (i)]
Iodiazed Salt,
Maize starch,
Emulsifier [INS 322 (i), INS 472 (e)],
Acidity Regulator (INS 330),
Dough Conditioner (INS 223),
Permitted synthetic colours (INS 127, INS 124, INS 110, INS 102),
Ready to eat.
Best before-6 months from manufacturing date.